„Dziennik zabaw” – A diary with games for children

A book about creative, colorful play must be colorful and creative. What the book looks like must be consistent with what the book is about. The first impression, the first few seconds, can make the difference.

„It has to be colorful” – these words were addressed to us by Ewa Wojtan, the author of the very popular blog mojedziecikreatywnie.pl, when she told us about the vision of her book.

dziennik zabaw

In the project, we took into account the nature of Ewa’s blog, whose readers are the main target group. „Dziennik zabaw” (eng. „Plays Diary”) is a specific instruction manual for creative games for children and their parents. It contains several hundred photos showing step by step how to make, for example, a porcelain mass or a salt mass.

When designing the cover, several color versions were created, from which the author chose the one that best suits her image of the book.

„Dziennik zabaw” describes about 150 games and experiments, which makes it a comprehensive textbook. We wanted to avoid the „content overload” effect, so we introduced, among others, start chapters on the entire spread. Thanks to this, the reader can „catch his breath”.

The book was printed in the 22×22 cm format (8.66″x8.66″). 350 pages of good quality paper were enclosed in a hardcover. Additionally, we used a selectively colorless, glossy UV varnish on the matte cover. To facilitate navigation through the book, it has been equipped with two colored ribbons for selecting pages.

The reception of the book is very positive, and the opinions about its appearance are extremely flattering, what – we do not hide – makes us extremely happy. Working on „Dziennik zabaw” brought us a lot of satisfaction. We can reveal that after the success of „Dziennik zabaw”, the author continues to cooperate with us on her next books.

It is worth noting that the book was published exclusively by the author. Almost 10,000 copies were sold in selfpublishing model in the first year after its premiere.

dziennik zabaw

Ewa Wojtan – mojedziecikreatywnie.pl

Cover design: Wiesia Kłosińska
Layout design: Wiesia Kłosińska
DTP: Aga Kluzik
Editing and proofreading: Katarzyna Dobrzelewska

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